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Quality ideas

• The definition of quality is to meet the requirements. The brain power,energy and knowledge of all the company’s personnel will be focusedon establishing the requirements. We must not provide the customers with the products that do not meet customer expectations.
• The core of quality system is to prevent, rather than test.
• The standard of workpiece must be "zero defect", rather than "barely satisfactory".
• Use "the cost of not meeting the requirements to measure quality",rather than index.

Brand ideas

• The core value of brand is that it can obtain the rare consumer market resources, and constantly promote the company's low-cost and efficient growth.
• The brand of C-Ray means that it will ensure regular production.
• The equipment of C-Ray is the users' first choice to produce worldclass products with reduced costs.

Marketing ideas

• Marketing is to provide customers with the best solution.
• Marketing includes planning, evaluation, design, manufacturing,quality inspection, delivery and after-sales service, etc.
• The result of marketing is to provide customers with the optimum methods to solve problems.

Service ideas

• Services are to ensure customer's regular production.
• Timely service is the best re-marketing.
• Quality and service are the most important pillars of brand.
• The focuses of services are adequate prevention, in-time problem-solving, suitable remedy to the case, rational use of resources and consideration of prognosis.